Should we have name requirements?

I would like everything we do as part of Infinite Love to be publicly accessible, which is why even unregistered people can read everything on the site, and anyone can register to reply to topics and create posts. While I’m a strong proponent of privacy rights, the work we do here is for the public benefit and it may help give additional credibility if people are open about who they are from the get-go. It also encourages people to be more careful with their words because they can’t just hide behind an alias, and at the same time it also helps build relationships/trust better when you know people by name vs. some alias like “ShadowWarrior2000”. Indeed, having played video games for many years, I found that as I got to know people online long enough, we usually started calling each other by our real life names rather than our in-game names anyways. So, if anyone is to signup here and intends to stick around a while and be a part of this epic adventure together, since we will likely eventually call each other by our real names, why not just start with our real names? Of course, it’s not a requirement to help out, it’s just a suggestion. :smiley:

The best way to use your name is simply by filling out the name field on your profile, if you are comfortable with doing so. The username is less important since the @mention autocomplete searches through the name field as well.

Also, to reduce confusion, whatever username you pick it will be easier if that matches your username in other places, such as Discord or the Wiki (but at least with Discord we can manually change nicknames). :+1: