On Future Activity Suggestions

Although there are so many things that need addressing, Infinite Love only has the resources to work on a limited number of things at a time. Given that, we must carefully decide how we want to allocate our resources.

Current Activities: Research, Outreach, & Community

For a number of reasons, having some of us spend time doing research into the issues that concern us is an important, for at a minimum we must really understand issues and their context in order to know how to fix them. Similarly, outreach is important because we not only need to understand the issues ourselves, but we must raise awareness to those issues so others understand them too.
Beyond those two important goals, it seems that designing and building a community of our own is the clearest, fastest path to creating a flourishing society — at least for some subset of the population — when faced with the reality that changing the entire world is going to be a long, arduous task that may take several lifetimes to complete. It will also demonstrate that the society we describe can actually be done and serve as a model for other future communities, both great things in themselves.

These activities are big undertakings in and of themselves and will require a great deal of effort and resources to complete, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for us to work on other activities as well once we have enough volunteers. This category is thus to discuss these other possible activities we might do in the future.

Voting for future activities

Please use the :heart: reaction on topics threads (suggestions) that you believe would be a good use of our time and resources to pursue — this will be our way of gauging which ideas people like and don’t like. Feel free to comment on ideas you think are good or bad as well, and your reasons why. Please note that not all ideas have to be directly related to changing the world through politics, such as creating a Political Organization. Some ideas may be as simple as creating a product that would help us earn money which we would ultimately use to further our goals — and better still if it was a product that helped the world in a meaningful way.

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Some of the future activities could use the distributed computing platforms: apps:distributed-computing [TROM-Jaro Wiki]

I know who to go to now when I have questions about tech to use. :wink: Thanks Alexio!