Introducing Yourself

Hello and welcome to Infinite Love! :slight_smile: I thought it would be nice to have a place for people to introduce themselves to other members of the community. It is completely optional of course, and indeed some people may prefer to contribute anonymously and that’s totally fine. But for those who are comfortable sharing who they are and their background and interests, feel free to make an introduction post here. :+1: You may put as much or little information as you want, just keep in mind that everything on this forum is publicly accessible, so you probably don’t want to put your exact address or anything like that. Keep it short and simple! :slight_smile:

Greetings All. It is a pleasure to have met Nathan and to be here on Infinite.Love. My name is Travis Grant and I am the Global Projects Coordinator for the Auravana Project. The Auravana Project is dedicated to creating open source and free shared standards (and models) for community-type living. The Project produces a set of socio-technical standards for the conception and operation of a community-type society (a.k.a., resource-based economy, etc.). The Project’s website has over a thousand pages of documentation and over 1500 models dedicated to the design of the system. Herein, community is a societal-level organization that regeneratively orients individuals toward their highest potential of human need fulfillment through a network of integrated city systems. Our socio-technical standards are freely available for download: Socio-technical standards for a resource-based community (