A Relationship App


For some time I have been thinking about making a Relationship App — in essence a dating app but not necessarily focused on only romantic relationships (although we may start with that) but rather all types of relationships (e.g. friendships). Our relationships with other people are such a fundamental part of the human experience, it would be invaluable if we had a tool to help people not only get into relationships that empower them, but also help them grow in relationships and learn how to maintain them. And indeed that is one of the short-comings of many dating apps today: they only initiate the connection; they do not offer guidance on how to maintain relationships.

One’s first reaction to this idea might be that the relationship app space is saturated and there is no room for growth… but in my opinion — and the opinion of @TeresaTai with whom I have discussed this idea in detail — such reactions only reveal a lack of vision as to the potential that a well-designed app could offer. Anyone who has ever used a handful of the existing dating apps today at any length should immediately recognize that we have so much to grow when it comes to how well these apps work in connecting people. You also have to understand that most dating app companies have no real incentive to make lasting connections, because these companies generate money from people who are single and looking, not from those who have successfully connected. But where most dating companies are incentivized to not be too effective in creating matches because they want money, we would be driven to make connections for the good that would come from having people in amazing relationships with other people — and ultimately in the end that would earn us more money than other companies because our app would actually be effective. Imagine how much global stress would be reduced — how much global happiness would increase — if people were in relationships with people who were truly suited for them, and more than that, if people were helped with navigating their relationships successfully so they can learn and grow as individuals?

I have little doubt with a team of reasonably skilled engineers and designers that @TeresaTai and I could build the relationship app that would blow all others away, one that would actually be effective in creating successful long-term relationships between people — romantic or platonic — and overall increase the happiness and satisfaction of people across the world. Although money would never be the overarching goal, it would almost certainly be a massive source of income that would help us further the goals of Infinite Love.


I’m not an expert in software development so experts feel free to comment on these numbers, but in my understanding to make this app at a reasonable pace (no more than a year for an initial prototype), I would need at a minimum on my team (working full-time):

  • product manager
  • senior software architect
  • visual designer
  • interaction designer
  • 5+ software developers (esp. mobile developers)

Considering part-time volunteers only, multiply those roles by 3-5 depending on how much time each person can commit.


  • First and foremost, it will help create healthier, happier relationships globally
  • in addition to helping others, it will actually be able to help us find other like-minded people who share in the vision of Infinite Love, giving us even more ability to reach our goals
  • it could be a continuous source of income for the organization which will help us maintain and even expand our operations in the long run